ahoy ahoy 2011

Happy new year!! I wish 2011 will be the a lucky year for me. Btw, how's your holiday? my holiday wasn't suck. I had so much fun!  Hmmm it was the last holiday before the National exam , i guess . okay, I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Sorry I didn't post anything during the holiday. I was kinda lazy . And now nindy is back with her new template. Yeay. I visited many of my friend's blog, and they're great. My blog sucks. I think it's because I don't have any purpose on creating this blog. i don't care lah

Back to school, fellas. Nice to meet friends, not with the subjects. First day of school, and my bestfriend, Medina, 'jadian' with Adit. Congratulation to you both! Longlast. Btw, medina just create a post about me and Lia. It's sooooo sweet. Thank you medinaaa. I'm here when you need me. We love you, medee :)

The school starts, it means I will getting busy with school, homeworks, lessons. Once again, happy new year all. May God bless us in this year. Amin

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